hous-əv-eks-tēn 1. services; a term that encompasses the xtine brand and services provided [modeling, photography, studio, lighting, location, inspiration, styling]

2. location; boutique studio in Deep Ellum.


eks-tēnname; nickname and model alias, short for Christine.


ī-əv-eks-tēn │ photography; trade name for my photography.

When Efficiency Meets Creativity

I adore facilitating talent, I love creating, and I hate relying on someone else to get to get the job done right.​ A picture is worth a thousand words... But that's only if your narrator is telling the story right.

One Woman Band

My "hybrid" occupation of model, photographer, and photography director is a byproduct of a hardcore production past: You cannot fuel political and current event live broadcast for nearly a decade without melding multiple job titles into one.

Who is xtine?

That Special Edge

Trained as a broadcast producer, I have spent my entire working life being paid to do two things: Create, and facilitate talent and art in others.

More Than Just One-Sided Experience

A modeling career provides me with an in-depth understanding of what looks best. A background of television and broadcast production lends me a special edge for direction and landing a dynamic product.

Fashion Model, Producer Brain 

If you're hiring a model, that model should know how to style herself and pose in response to lighting and sets. If you're hiring a photographer, that photographer should embrace the fact that photography is so much more than just hitting a shutter button. A shoot done right is an art form: It's about presentation, production, and knowing both sides of the lens.  

A Life of Production 

Experience has taught me that nothing transcends a lens quite like confidence. When you shoot with me, you're not just shooting with a professional model and former producer, you're shooting with an accomplished female artist.